"I was hesitant to use it at first, because if it's smell. But after not seeing anything for 2 days I figured I would try it. The deer came flocking in and sealed the deal on this Maryland Buck!"


- John White 10/5/20




 "I sprayed Liquid Camo everywhere, got in the ground blind and she came right in at daylight, 25 yards!"


- Ron Whittaker 10/3/20

"Forgot my Liquid Camo yesterday, saw nothing. Brought it today and had him in and down by 8:20am!"


- David Prather 9/7/20



- Brian Martin 11/23/19

"Liquid Camo takes another victime! This boy came in running with nose in the air! Mom smoked him with a .243, biggest to date for her! Ya'll got to try this stuff!"


- Darius Frymann 11/18/19

"I took my buddy out to try to get his first deer. We sat on the ground and I sprayed the entire area with liquid camo. 20 minutes went by and a good sized yearling walked out where I just was checking my camera and spraying the camo and never even looked around. She wasn’t spooked at all! I’m definitely a believer. It works!!! Thanks for helping my buddy get hooked for life!"


- Micah McClurg 11/18/19

"Without Liquid Camo I couldn't have got ol' stubby! This buck and I have a history, after playing cat & mouse Liquid Camo got him out of his bed. Thanks for the great product ya'll!"


- Darius Frymann 11/16/19

"She came in 30 yards right to the same cedar limb I sprayed with Liquid Camo!"


- Patrick Worley 11/16/19

"Liquid Camo finally brought this one into daylight! Thank you for an awesome product!"


- William Baker 11/9/19

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